#100happydays #happyelly

March 5, 2014

Day 1


Day 2. Per picking oranges this morning. After he made fresh juice like he does every day for breakfast


Day 3: Friendly visit of a F16


day 4
For all those in Rhodos holding their breath: you can start breathing again The pebbles are back. Hurray!!!


day 5
Spent some time in the garden today surrounded by my favourite cats


day 6
a friendly face in my garden


day 7
My 2 walking mates, still a little shaky after being attacked by a large pit bull. Luckily only an ear and an ego were bruised…


day 8
Just a few clothes for the newest member of the family: Vinny


day 9
A fun night bowling


Happy birthday Per


day 11
BBQ time: sardines & souvlaki, beets and their greens, babaganoush, corn on the cob and yummy olives


day 12
Today was the baptism of Achilleas. Not such a happy day for him maybe, he cried lots


day 13
Spring has really sprung!


day 14
A lovely lunch with lovely people


Day 15
Joke is back!



day 16
Lovely company, lovely weather, lovely walk.
Many reasons to be happy about


day 17
After 8 years without, today we got a car.
Finally I can go places and drive my friends around


day 18
A messy kitchen after a fun evening with good friends


day 19
Lovely weather, lots of yard work, nice fish lunch along the coast with Per & Silvia, and then winning 3 times at the bingo. And in between doing all that I saw these little boats sailing in the sea and it just made my day even more happy


day 20
Planted a few flowers against the wall. Can’t wait for them to grow


day 21
Many willing men helping me to find the oil tank. Per, who was at home was the one who finally found it using the internet. Once found they filled it with oil and did not want any payment. Having blond Silvia with me helped a lot! Just love living in Greece


day 22
Is it summer yet? I got my beach dress ready


day 23
Happy to serve as cat bed


day 24
Per has finished the bottom shelf in the cupboard under the sink. Can’t wait to see what he is going to do with the top one


day 25
Princess for the night
Lovely dinner with friends and their young daughter who thought I would suit a tiara and huge ring


day 26
Dinner at the Sheikh’s


day 27
Both our orange trees got a haircut and a new coat
It brings more light to our terrace plus they look very handsome!


day 28
2 of my favourite guys


day 29
Happy to have a little house guest, Turtle, while she recovers from her operation


day 30
It’s done thank you Per xx


day 31
Tea party in the garden with Per the pussy magnet


day 32
A crazy day which left us without a bathroom but luckily it did not stop us from producing and enjoying a fantastic BBQ meal with good friends!


day 33
A real fun day in the jungle!


day 34
The roses I planted just 2 weeks ago obviously feel at home in my garden


day 35
Not a happy day, Per broke his ankle, we spent most of the day in the hospital. Now he is comfortably installed with all he could need around him. Thank you Joke for your support today


day 36
nothing left of the bathroom, now we are ready to start building it up again


day 37
Eyeliner and Siss, 2 sisters enjoying the sun with me this afternoon


day 38
Stelios is moving fast. Can’t wait to see what he has planned for the middle part


day 39
How spoiled we are to have a cleaning fairy now that the house is a dusty affair! Thanks Kate


day 40
An especially happy day for Per as I took him out for lunch by the sea. The Bob the Builder Van transformed into a limousine


day 41
A lovely crisp fresh from the field salad (thanks Kate) with spicy roast chicken and fried mushrooms. Happiness on a plate!


day 42
Our vines are growing like crazy, and the first grapes have formed. Looks like we will have lots of them later this summer!


day 43
A fun morning in the garden with lots of Dutch


day 44
The workmen are taking a break for Easter, today was their last day and they won’t be back until Tuesday. The house has been cleaned (thanks Kate), I have hot water again, groceries for the weekend are done, Per got a new cast, life is good.
Now where are the chocolates?


day 45
Goat leg in the oven: Rub a goat leg with salt, pepper, cinnamon, oregano & butter. Pin some cloves into the meat. Place in large pan or casserole dish with a quartered onion and some cloves of garlic, potatoes and carrots, peppercorns, cinnamon bark & bay leaves and two cups of water. Seal the pan totally with tin foil and place in 150C/300F oven for +/- 6 hours. The meat will be lovely and tender and should fall off the bone. Enjoy!


day 46
2 different Easter celebrations. First a Swedish one in the afternoon and in the evening a Greek Easter soup with lots of fun and laughter together with Joke & Dimitri


day 47
After a beautiful ride around the island we had a delicious meal of roast goat stuffed with rice. Life is very good

DSC02597 DSC02620

day 48
Today I was a housewife: tidying, laundry, dishes, cleaning, ironing: not much to be happy about. So it was a nice surprise to be called by a friend to go for a walk around town. Thank you Marjan


day 49
Fun day with Wendy Malapetsas Artemis and Dioni. First we visited Ulrike http://www.aubergekalopetri.com/ , then we visited a church fete at the Amortos Monastery. Thanks Wendy!


day 50
A fun coffee morning at the ‘Beeb Miep’. Thanks Martha Mostratou Zeinstra


day 51
Good news for Per, he does not need an operation, the bone is in place and the Doctor believes all will be well!
To celebrate we went our for lunch and on the way home stopped by the boatyard to say hi to his favourite dogs in town


day 52
Breakfast: Greek yoghurt with strawberries harvested from my own hanging strawberry plant


day 53
Dutch King’s Day Celebrations! What a funny funny afternoon


day 54 Stelios is a true artist


day 55
First time since he broke his ankle, Per has walked/hobbled down to the hotel to inspect the progress


day 56
Busy day today but luckily I had half an hour to relax with the cats in the garden. Siss was well camouflaged stretched out between the stones. Nothing so relaxing than watching a cat sleep


day 57
This is getting harder every day, there are only so many cat photos I can put up without everyone thinking I am the the crazy cat lady
Thus this photo, games I play everyday; one in English, one in Dutch to keep my mind active. Hopefully tomorrow I will have something a little more creative…


day 58
Nina, who is much too big to be a lap dog, enjoying a little cuddle


day 59
I am getting much enjoyment from the garden, especially when I am sitting/hanging on the chair staring at nothing much in particular


day 60
The wedding of Sophia & Rob


day 61
Remembering socks I bought when I was 12, still loving them today


day 62
A doorstep, stair’s base and border tiles for the hotel all sorted today


day 63
Love the Eurovision! Holland and Sweden are my favourites entries so far but maybe I am bias?


day 64
I should have taken a photo of Banu & Peter during the nice lunch we shared but I forgot. Instead a photo of the bathroom starting to look like something again…


day 65
A nice walk to the market this morning. Fresh fruit and veg, plus 2.5kg of fish. It made a delicious meal tonight, unfortunately I forgot to take a photo….


day 66
Mulberries taste better when they are stolen from a neighbour’s tree


day 67
Well done Conchita, well done Holland for coming second. It was difficult to pick a winner!
What a fun evening we had, thank you Joke & Dimitri for a great time! xx


day 68
A fun day! The morning we spent in the company of Captain Jacques & Dominique. Sorry I did not get a photo
And the afternoon at the Grekos: a fun time, great food and excellent company


day 69
My beautiful climbing rose is in full bloom


day 70
Ms Eyeliner enjoying a little nap on the sofa =^..^=


day 71
Good to have Pia visiting and look what she brought: a beautiful scarf and lots of chocolate.
No…. you can’t have any


day 72
A fun day shopping with the girls and I didn’t buy a thing!


day 73
A terrible photo of a great night out at the Swedco Farm! The Russian tourists sure know how to party and dance funny



day 74
A fun day, partly spent on the beach


day 75
A great evening at Γιάννης in Koskinou


day 76
We spent a fun day shopping in Marmaris with our favourite Tour Guide


day 77
A fabulous dinner


day 78
Stelios made my day


day 79
Last photo of Per with a cast. This was taken just before he left for the hospital. He still needs the crutches for a week or so but the cast is off!


day 80
First swim of the season, lovely and warm at Tassos Beach


day 81
Enjoying the bracelet I got as a present this week


day 82
Yes, you guessed it: we ate yet again Delicious it was and well deserved for Per who had his first longish walk this afternoon since his cast came off.



day 83
1 mani/pedi, 2 dresses, 2 skirts, 3 t-shirts = 1 Happy Elly


day 84
25th wedding anniversary


day 85
The opening of Rhodos Riches’ The Talented Doctor Hedenborg
Good to see so many familiar faces again


day 86
Walking around town is a pleasure, there are flowers everywhere.
I love these, they are so vibrant!


day 87
new garden furniture


day 88
Dinner with old & new friends


day 89
A nice day spent on Tsambika Beach


day 90
Just a few more meters to go!


day 91
The Princess and the pea


day 92
Before and now

day 93
Pinkie, the one-eye bandit keeping his one eye on things


day 94
Our courtyard is a happy place I can sit there all day and enjoy the flowers…


day 95
Look what I received as a gift today! Handmade and it goes perfect with the pebble floor. Just love it!


day 96
Blue seemed to be the colour of the day
Afternoon at the beach followed by a fantastic meal with great friends


day 97
Looks like I have a new favourite spot in the court yard


day 98
Well hello there Mr Salmon


day 99
All through the day I forgot to take photos of happenings which would be ideal for a happydays photo: the last Dutch Club coffee morning of the season, the fantastic kilo of cherries we ate in one sitting, the amazing Chinese meal I made or the yummy ice cream we had for desert. Instead you get a fuzzy photo of us


day 100
When I first started with this project, I panicked a little; what would happen if I had no photo one day. We had just gotten a new fridge which is just fantastic after the old one broke and I decided to keep the fridge as a back-up, just in case… Fortunately I never ran out of ideas, in fact most days I had to chose out of several events. How lucky I am to have such a happy life!
Now I feel guilty, that poor fridge, never even got a mention. And so here it is, my final photo is of the fridge